Turtles find me.


On Saturdays during turtle season, I cruise Ponce Inlet beach with Florida’s Volusia-Flagler Turtle Patrol.

During the week, I write about science and technology for a university in Daytona Beach.

At all times, I miss my daughter Caroline, who serves with the Peace Corps in Nepal. Whenever she sends voicemail, I hear the wind whistling and bells tinkling and goats bleating until I have to take a knee, so acute is my longing for her.

My debut novel, CITY IN A FOREST, was published on September 19, 2019 by Black Rose Writing.

I earned my M.F.A. degree from Queens University of Charlotte and my B.A. in English from Eckerd College.

My short stories and essays have been published by Atticus Review, The Northern Virginia Review, Eckerd Review, Blackheart Magazine, Crab Fat Magazine, Gravel Magazine, and Dying Dahlia Review, and in the book Boomtown. Long ago and far away, I was a journalist.

I’ve completed three novels: CITY IN A FOREST, SEEING GETHIN, and ANGEL-DOG FINDS ME. 

Through the simple act of reading, you make the world a better place. Thank you.

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